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View Dinger’s launch whitepaper here.

An updated edition of the whitepaper is coming soon.

Dinger aims to be the go-to destination for anyone looking to safely and easily launch their Web 3.0 project, across every major chain.

Additional roadmap updates are shared frequently on Telegram.


Q4 2021

︎ Launch Token

︎ Contract Audit Complete

︎ Assure KYC Verification

︎ First Charitable Contribution made

︎ Cross Chain Deployment on Binance

︎ Marketing Phase One (Billboards, Display Ads, Etc...)

Q1 2022

︎ Additional Advertising Continues

︎ Dinger Degens NFT Launch

︎ D-LOCK launched and CERTIK audit completed

︎ Cronos, Polygon (MATIC) and AVAX chain support added to D-LOCK

︎ Cat-apult 1.0 alpha launches

︎ First CATIVERSITY lessons produced.

︎ SMINEM partnership announced

︎ Website redesign and launch


︎ P2E NFT Marketplace Launch

︎ Top 20 coin partnership announcement (CHAINLINK)

︎ P2E Game Release

︎ CATIVERSITY education platform launch.

︎ CATAPULT 2.0 Beta

︎ 9 LIVES Beta

︎ Further Viral Marketing efforts