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Dinger is multi-chain, offered on both the Etherum and Binance chains. A free bridge (+ gas fees) allows you transfer tokens between these networks


STEP 1 – Go to 🟢 RBX Swap

STEP 2 – Connect your wallet

STEP 3 – In the “from” section click on the “Select a coin” and select the network you are bridging from, and select the $dinger token.

STEP 4 – In the “to” section, click on the “Select a coin” and select the network you want to bridge to and select the dinger token.

STEP 5 – Enter the amount of tokens you want to bridge over (there is a 300mil max right now to meet current BSC liquidity)

STEP 6 – If you are bridging $dinger tokens for the first time, click on the “Approve” button, otherwise, just click the “Bridge” button.

Tokens can take 30-45 minutes to show up
Be sure to have enough funds to cover gas


Arbitrage is the act of taking advantage of pricing differences between markets for the same asset. The dinger token is currently tradeable through 2 liquidity pools, within 2 different markets. One of which is on Uniswap, and the other on the Binance Smart chain. Similar to how Bitcoin trades on FTX vs Binance vs Coinbase sometimes at a different price, the dinger token sometimes trades at a different price on our Uniswap pool than it does on our Binance Smart Chain pool, and because of this, our community members are able to take advantage of Arbitrage to profit, and grow their dinger bag over time. An example of executing the dinger arbitrage trade as it is possible is shown below.

Currently you can only bridge 300m dinger tokens at a time from the rbx bridge There is a 1.5% tax to bridge your tokens
There is an 8% tax on selling your tokens or buying new ones.

1 - determine the differential (100m dinger in $ vs 98.5m dinger in $) 2 - determine the costs

- take into account gas fees, slippage, 1.5% bridge fee, tax 3 - If 1 > 2 you have a profitable arbitrage opportunity

Working example:

- ERC $DINGER is trading at $0.0004000 - BSC $DINGER is trading at $0.0006000

100m of ERC $DINGER = 100m X 0.00004 = $4,000 98.5m of BSC $DINGER = 100m X 0.00006 = $5,910 (100m - 1.5% bridging fee)

Gross profit is therefore $1,910

Gas costs - for this example $130
Slippage - for this example lets assume maximum slip 10% Taxes - only for buying not on bridge 8%

So our trade looks like this: Buy ERC > Bridge > Sell BSC

Therefore our cost chain looks like this:
Gas > Tax > Slippage > Bridge Fee > Gas > -$130 -$320 -$400 -$90 -$0.10 = $940.10 costs

Gross profit - Costs = Net

$1,910 - 940.10 = $969.90 profit for the trade

Profit will be in BNB, swap into ETH, then buy a bigger $DINGER bag and rinse repeat (keep in mind 300m cap is fixed)

What is occurring here is you purchase dinger on the cheaper chain (erc20 at the time) bridge to where dinger is trading at a premium (bsc at the time) and then sell your dinger at the premium. You can then convert your bnb back into eth, move it back to the Ethereum blockchain, and buy erc20 dinger again.